Monday, June 16, 2014

It wasn't doing the backstroke!

This morning, bleary-eyed, I was filling the electric kettle to make coffee in the French press. Just about to snap the lid shut when I noticed something floating on the surface. A twig? No, it was a dead, emaciated lizard!

I feel so bad. He got in the house a week ago, just before we left to spend a week in Austin, Texas. We tried to rescue him, but we couldn't get him out from under the bookcase. I worried the whole week we were gone. Florida exterminating being what it is nowadays, there wouldn't be any bug life for him to eat in the house. And how was he going to get water?

Must have been one last-ditch effort that sent him into that kettle. Poor thing!

I had to boil three pots of water before I could use the kettle for my coffee.