Sunday, July 19, 2015

Just my luck!

Well, it wasn't raining when I started to wash the car. In fact, I checked the sky just before I started and it was very sunny. Ten minutes later.... That's Florida for you! The rain we have been needing for weeks finally arrived!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Smells of summer

Enjoying lots of Caprese salads this summer with our delicious fresh basil plant.... Nothing like the fragrance of fresh, organic basil!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Went on a bike ride at the beach today, and I was watching all the people at family or group picnics. It was heartwarming in this day and age to see so many children and adults happy to be spending time together outdoors. It reminded me of when I was a teenager living in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and my dad would announce that we were all going to the beach. My mom would make burgers or buy chicken for him to grill, and we’d take coolers of food and beverages to one of those public picnic shelters on the beach in Destin. We’d spend the whole day body surfing, building sand castles, and eating the delicious food my dad cooked. He was in his element at the grill and at the beach. And when my sister Lynda would come down with her family from Montgomery, it was even better. The more the merrier! What a simple, blissful time that was. 

I miss my dad. He would be 95 if he were still alive. I know that’s too old to be grilling burgers at the beach, but I miss him anyway. And I miss those happy days of childhood. As one of his favorite entertainers used to say, “Thanks for the memories!"

Save the honeybees!

We had a beehive growing under the fill hatch of our in-ground propane tank. Marcus didn't want the gas company to disturb the hive when they come for the next fill-up, so he called a master beekeeper who came by to check out the hive. She said the queen was very pretty and left this "mobile home" sprayed inside with sugar water. Two days later the queen and more than 95% of her workers had transferred over to their new home and were well on their way to building a new honeycomb. The beekeeper collected the box and transported them to a new, permanent location in the country. So happy to have helped successfully relocate these honeybees. So many are of them are dying off now.